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Davide Di Marco
Davide Di Marco
Citizenship: Italy  Italy
residence: Ciampino
Club-related results

This page displays the referee's record by club. It lists the results each club achieved with this referee, and how many cards and penalties were awarded to it and its opponents.

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wappenclub WDL    
Como 190715101
Taranto FC 192713101
Calcio Lecco 19125011
Città di Gela 8000
Roma Under 175100
Ravenna FC11001
Modena FC 20185000
Fermana FC6000
USD 1913 Seregno Calcio6001
Vis Pesaro dal 18987000
ASD Manfredonia Calcio5100
San Nicolò Calcio Teramo7000
Benevento Primavera5000
US Pianese4100
AZ Picerno7000
SS Lazio U1711010
SSC Bari5001
ACR Messina5000
SS Turris Calcio5000
Nocerina 19103000
UC AlbinoLeffe4000
FC Südtirol5000
Potenza Calcio8000
ASD Vastese Calcio 19022000
US Vibonese3000